Main reasons to follow a detox cure


Why should you experience the unique Centre of Les Bories?

Today body-tone and the preservation of one’s health are research priorities for personal well-being to prevent burnout and to relieve stress. This is beneficial for private and professional life. At Les Bories we understand that it is essential to take a break away from the modern world – to be guided by professionals who can take account of the pace of your world, your habits and the pollution of your environment to create a new balance and meaning for your life.

Les Bories has a vocation and a commitment to sustainable development. And the team at Bories, within its undeniable relaxing environment, with their services, can help you work on yourself in several ways
• Within your body by taking a different approach to its rhythm, its meals and their content.
• Through discussions and the practice of fasting or taking a detox we will enable you to develop new personal knowledge.
• And via Ayurveda massages and yoga classes we will give new impetus and context to your body purification.
Your mind can reflect on your personal life, projects and worries. Fun workshops offer personal development work. And we support emotional development by analyses so helping the processes of your internal change.
Why come to Les Bories, are there other reasons?
Here in a small corner of the Lot nature is still preserved. You can come to relax and learn to detach yourself from your stresses and especially consider your diet… because junk food has become a real drug carrying an excess of toxic components, such as sugar or salt.
Les Bories is located on a plateau 25 kms south of Cahors surrounded by vineyards. You will be housed in charming houses (cottages) built of white Quercy stone having spacious individual rooms.
There is the ‘great room’ transformed from an old barn where we meet for workshops and naturopathy. This is where we can exchange and share our views, and be happy together. Herein is the opportunity to acquire the keys essential to rise above your usual conditioning.

Is fasting dangerous?
No. Not if that action is carried out according to a specific protocol. The team at Les Bories will support you and mentor you safely through the process of your internal transformation. This technique will be taught with other options to take home to be a benefit throughout your life.
Stopping eating is contrary to what we have learned but it is not dangerous; on the contrary it is good for our physical and mental health. The studies on fasting published by Valter Longo since 2010 and the earlier writings of Herbert Shelton “Fasting” or Nicole Boudreau “Fasting for Health” all tend to show how effective fasting is to stay healthy.
Stopping eating is a unique way for our body’s organization to move the cursor back to a healthy base, ie it redevelops the spontaneous ability to give back the keys to an ‘inner doctor’ that heals us and strengthens our immunity.
Historically it was realized that the important thing was to avoid “seeking to heal when sick, as that is like waiting until thirsty to dig a well.” This reminds us of the nature of Chinese medicine.
Some, ignorant of new scientific research, continue to claim that it is very dangerous to remove meals. This is erroneous if the technique fasting is observed correctly. New medical science suggests that better health can be diagnosed and developed through unique approaches for each individual. Researchers have discovered and advanced the important role of food and its digestion by our ‘second brain’ as it is called – as our neural ecosystems interact with our internal operations, our emotions and our behavior.
It may be hard to believe that this applies to everyone, but now many countries are moving to revolutionize their therapeutic and medical approaches. France will gradually learn this movement.
Our philosophy at Les Bories is to help you find your diet that is unique and personal. This will be yours, your way eat in the future.
All studies show that eating light is good, and that the subsequent digestion becomes easier. But this is not to say that we must stop eating, or become a fanatical about fasting and restriction.
Learning to become reasonable, having awareness that we are responsible for our health and thus our diseases will create a calming effect. And understanding “… a quarter of what we eat nourishes the body, the rest feeds the doctor” was opined by pragmatic philosophers. They understood that we ate too much: Hippocrates said: “… our food should be our medicine. But eating when ill is feeding the disease.” It is the opposite of our traditional learning, of “… eating to fight disease”. But of course we must not be undernourished!
During the stay our Centre offers many surprises. We do not limit ourselves explain fasting and diet, we care deeply for you and your body though our offers of Ayurveda massage using traditional oils and natural plant extracts.
Detoxing the body means taking care of your soul because ‘the body is the temple of the soul’ according to Ayurvedic thoughts. Your five senses will be stimulated; you will experience new sensations during the massages. You will enjoy the sounds of mantras during the massage… the sounds of nature, and especially calm and silence.
You cannot ignore the special natural light that floods Les Bories: you will experience that and even your sense of smell will develop.
Do you desire to embark on this new adventure?
Here is a brief test by Clavière Bernard called “… and if we stopped eating?”
1. Do you smoke or have you smoked?
2. Mingle with others who smoke?
3. Do you eat a lot of meat?
4. Do you take a lot of dairy products?
5. Are you going to the bathroom less than once a day?
6. Do you or did you take a lot of medication or drugs (legal or illegal)?
7. Do you exercise less than three times a week?
8. Do you have more than ten kilos excess weight?
9. Do you drive often in high traffic densities, or live in a polluted environment?
10. Do raw fruits and vegetables constitute less than 50% of your diet?
11. Do you take laxatives?
12. Is the longevity of members of your family reduced?
13. Do you have a lot of mucus (stuffy nose, sinus congested …)?
14. Do you have strong body odour (breath, armpits, etc.)?
15. Easily catch colds, flu, etc?
16. Do you have any major health problem?
17. Do you consult your doctor often?
18. Do you have skin problems (psoriasis, acne, etc.)?
If you answered yes to one or several of these questions you will need to know how to prepare correctly for fasting to avoid elimination crises.
After a cure at Les Bories where you have lived in a bubble of well-being during 7 to 15 days you will leave invigorated with a new vision of who you are, and what you want for your future.
You will more easily
– prevent any little common disease, colds, gastroenteritis, etc … bronchitis, allergies, cystitis, sinusitis, migraines
– lose weight or control your weight. Dr. Stephan Rossner, director of an obesity group in Sweden, opined “… the obesity epidemic is the first that man inflicted on himself”
– reduce and eliminate joint pain
– prevent a burnout and wean yourself away from the stress of modern life
– eliminate hypertension and cardiovascular disorders
– improve or regain libido
– regulate your cholesterol and uric acid
– reduce your oxidative stress
– reduce type II diabetes (diabetes mellitus)
– stay strong and young, eliminate fatigue and immunity decline
– detoxify smoking effects
– initially improve and then cure diseases of the digestive tract
– improve your mental health, find good spirits and drive out the addictions – tobacco, alcohol, digital
– reduce radiation poisoning
– finally, to hunt out all kinds of pathologies such as decreased fertility, fibromyalgia, acne, etc … all the pathologies that are linked to excess toxins.
Following this logic ‘the fast’ will become your ideal way to re-format your life … to start again on a new base.
The Lot is a surprise at every step and here we have the opportunity to help you discover – beautiful scenery, cultural and gastronomic traditions.
But if you only want to visit the area, we rent cottages:
Or benefit from our Ayurvedic massages (not sexual):

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